Drugs / Controlled Substance

The drug category includes both illegal drugs like cocaine, meth, heroine,  and PCP and prescription drugs such as Hydrocodone, Adderall,  OxyContin, and Xanax. The Texas Health and Safety code classifies all these drugs.


Drug Possession Charges 


The Montes Law Firm provides representation to clients facing delivery, manufacture or possession of cocaine, crack cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, ecstasy, or any other controlled substances.

Even a single drug conviction can wreak havoc on a person’s life.

Some lose their jobs, get denied entrance to college, lose professional licenses, get denied financial aid, and lose an opportunity to serve their country. It is vital to have the best possible defense attorney that you can afford.


Property Forfeiture 


The State of Texas allows law enforcement to seize and forfeit property that they believe was illegally acquired or used when committing a crime. This can include houses, businesses, cash, bank accounts and vehicles. The State only has a limited time to to commence the proceddings under the government code.




The amount of jail time possible depends on such factors as the weight, type of controlled substance, where possesed, or wether there was an intent to deliver.


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